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katl hua humara...is tarah kishton mein..
kabhi khanzar badal gaye...kabhi kaatil badal gaye..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today,I feel like....... By:- Chandni

Today,I feel like i've just woken up
from this dream that people call life
somewhere i have lost my way
for the last three years of my life i've thrown away

for three year i have lived a dream
nothing to show for it , nothing i've lived
i feel like i wasted my life
when did i loose the track of time?

feel way too old now for what i have
not even real friends that i can call up
i was supposed to be more than that
i had many goals for this so called life

i feel now my life has fallen apart
i wish i could get that spark to come back
i lost my smile, my faith and my time
in this daydream that i call my life.........

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