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katl hua humara...is tarah kishton mein..
kabhi khanzar badal gaye...kabhi kaatil badal gaye..

Monday, May 3, 2010

Perhaps.................By :- Chandni

Perhaps, it was written on God's book that we'd meet
Perhaps, it happened because it was destined

Perhaps, you came into my life for a very good purpose
Perhaps, you reached me because you needed me

Perhaps, I can't control myself to entertain you
because you'll play a big role in my life

Perhaps, you say I LOVE YOU  because you really do
Perhaps, you just say it because
you want to forget someone who hurt you.

Perhaps, as time goes by,
we will know more about each other
Perhaps, someday,
this relationship will get stronger

Perhaps, if we really stay together,
we will discover an important matter
Perhaps, that important mater,
will be the reason for us to stay forever..............


Raj said...

Ur mind is always filled with great thoughts perhaps ur poetry is good.

Mannat said...

thnx raj for ur valuable comments
Perhaps,u urself is good thats why u r saying me good...

nehtapt said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice poem.