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katl hua humara...is tarah kishton mein..
kabhi khanzar badal gaye...kabhi kaatil badal gaye..

Friday, April 17, 2009



3 years back i wrote one story for film.. Till date i believe that i wrote something as good as never wrriten before, obviously its my confidence on work though, hahahaha!

Honestly, i tried many places but this industry licks the bums of poor story tellers & innovative authors, like this lil smarty is ignored. ANyhow, recession ki iss maaramaari ke samay, i decided ki mein apni iss story ko publicly present kar deta hun...filmwa bane na bane babua...koi to padhe ise! well, you can read my STORY by clicking on PHOTO OF CAT in righ side or simply Copy this link & paste in your browser http://prasunstory.blogspot.com

There you go...if atleast you care for talent, must read....!

Friends are always welcome for appriciation.

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