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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kya Karoge??? Written By:-Chandni

Ab toh Hai Khushiyan,Jab ayenge gum toh kya karoge?
Hum Na honge jab pass tumhare toh kya karoge....

Ab toh hum hai sath tumhare ,
Jab ye hath chut jayenge toh kya karoge?

Jab guzar jayegi Bahaar to Kya Karoge,
Yaad aayega Mera Pyaar to Kya Karoge?

Satatey ho aise jaise Ajnabi hoon Main,
Jab Ruthega Tum se Yaar tumhara toh Kya Karoge?

Apnaoge kisi aur ko mujhe tanha chor kar,
Usey hoga na tum se Pyaar to Kya Karoge?

Aakhir Laut aaoge Tum Meri Raahon pe,
Phir milega na pehla Pyaar toh Kya Karoge?

Abhi to Hanste ho Meri Wafaon pe Yaar,
phir rona bhi hoga Bekaar to Kya Karoge?

1 comment:

Mannat said...

My this poem in English:---


Now we are happy ,
but when we will get sorrow then wat will u do?

Now we are together ,
But if i will leave ur hand then wat will u do?

when these happy days will become history
and u will remind my True LOVE then wat will u do?

Now you are teasing me as if i am a stranger,
but when someone close to you will get angry from you then wat will you do?

You will accept some other guy happily by leaving me lonely,
but if that person will not love you like me then wat will you do?

Then you will again come back to me ,
but then even i will not feel love for you as i use to do previously
then wat will you do?

Now you laughing on my every attempt to make you happy ,
but when i will leave then your tears also will be waste
then wat will you do?