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katl hua humara...is tarah kishton mein..
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Akelapan.....wrriten By Chandni

kahin khuhiyon ka hai kaarwan,
kahin duniya k Jhamele hain,
logo ki hai bheed yaha pe,
phir bhi hum kitne akele hain......

Zindagi k har ek mod pe,
iss kismat ne kai khel khele hain,
kabhi hansi mili je bhar k ,
toh kabhi aansu bhi jheley hain
Logo ki hai bheed yaha pe
per hum kitne akele hain...

kabhi raat ko chand dekh kar
na jaane kyu aisa laga,
chand k pass toh hai chandni ,
per ye taare kitne akele hain
Logo ki hai bheed yaha pe,
per hum kitne akele hain
haan hum bhut akele hain...


Anonymous said...

thanx bro for posting this on behalf of me
this poem is really close to my heart....


Anonymous said...

sorry all,
the first line is "kahin khushiyon ka hai kaarwan" so the word spelled wrongly from khushiyon to khuhiyon...
i m really sorry for that


pras said...

i am reallly touched with this poem. usually life speaks more then what we expect nd suddenly everything is gone....gone away...good work chand

jeetz said...

Try this.

"kahin Khushiyon ka hai karwaan,
to kahin aansuon ke rele(means a karwaan only in a sad way, like in mourning for something gone away or dead) Hain" as the first two lines.

I m not saying this one is good. But the second line makes a bad impression here. Rest all is amazing, considering that you were able to maintain the same thoughtline all through the poem.